1. Is secure to visit?

Yes, absolutely! Security is always given the top priority at and all of your personal information will be treated as confidential and we won't leak any of your information to other third part. We will keep them on a secure server and will fully comply with all applicable Data Protection and consumer legislation on our part. We ensure the security of all transaction data by using advanced security solution provider.

2. How could I place an order?

You may place an order with us by creating an online account. Once you have created an account you can log in at any time to place an order. For a faster checkout experience, we also offer the option to checkout without creating an account.

3. What payment methods we accept?

We accept Credit Card Payment.

4. Does the price include tax fee?

The price we charge includes tax fee. So you don't have to pay again.

5. How long does the shipping take?

We will send your order to you within 24 hours, and usually, you can receive the goods in 6-9 days.

6. Can you ship to my country?

We can ship to all the countries around the world.

7. How do I track my order?

After we send out your order, we will email you the tracking number and tracking links to your registered email address. Simply enter this information into the proper fields and click on the track button. Please contact us via email if you need further tracking assistance.

8. What do I need to do if I want to cancel my order after it being placed?

Please contact us within 12 hours when you pay us if you want to cancel or change order. We are unable to accept cancellations for products that have already been shipped and our Return Policy will apply in that case. A new order is needed to be placed if a change is needed within 24 hours before original order being shipped, we will cancel the original order at the same time.

9. What should I do when I receive the product(s)?

Please make sure that the product(s) is in good condition because it will be hard for us to accept returning and exchanging for product(s) which is damaged by human nature. So we suggest you to check the products the very time you receive them. If the damage is caused by us, inform us in time, please. We will confirm the damage seriously and give you a free exchanging.

10. If there is a problem with the goods I have received, what should I do?

If there is any problem with your order, please contact us immediately. Inform us of the problem with your order and we will give you instructions on our return policy.

11. What should I do if the shipment is lost or stolen?

It is unlikely in that case. But if the goods damaged or lost,we will resend you another for compensating. But if the postal service delivers the goods to the wrong address you provided or you have moved of changed your address without notifying us in advance, we can do nothing to recover your order.

12. I made a mistake with my order and it's status says Shipped, what should I do?

If the order have already left then we can not make changes to the order. Please wait until you receive your order,then contact us,we will send your further instructions.

13. I am looking for the items that are not listed on your site, can you provide them?

If in this case, please contact us with a picture, a serial number or the model number of the goods. The more details were given, the easier and quicker to locate the goods in the factory.